Sky Nutritionals™ Ashwagandha

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  • Decreased anxiety*
  • Decreased stress*
  • Power output (in exercise)*
  • Decrease total cholesterol*
  • Increase good cholesterol (HDL)*
  • Decrease blood glucose*
  • Decrease fatigue*
  • Immunity building*
  • Sleep quality*
  • Increase muscle strength, size and recovery*
  • Cognition memory*

Ashwagandha (Withania Somnifera) is an Ayurvedic (Indian) herb with a multitude of broad ranging benefits.Ashwagandha is an Adaptogen with many positive effects mental well-being. It fights anxiety, fatigue and stress-induced depression. Ashwagandha can significantly reduce cortisol concentrations and the immunosuppressive effects of stress.

Double-blind clinical studies were performed that showed statistically significant results of:

  • 44% reduction in stress (as measured by PSS scores)
  • 28% reduction in serum cortisol
  • 72.3% decrease in anxiety, insomnia, social dysfunction and depression (as measured by GHQ-28 score)
  • 71.6% decrease in depression, anxiety and stress (as measured by DASS domain scores)

Ashwagandha has many helpful physical benefits. It has been demonstrated to help physical performance not only in athletes but also in sedentary persons. In strength training it has been shown to increase muscle size and strength while optimizing recovery time.

  • Maximum oxygen consumption in athletic adults was increased 11.8% and 13.6% at 56 and 84 days, respectively
  • Increases energy levels through the beneficial effects on mitochondrial energy levels
  • Increases creatine levels for rapid energy muscle contraction
  • Improves hemoglobin, red blood cell, count
  • Beneficial effects on serum testosterone levels, muscle strength, muscle growth, body fat percentage and muscle recovery

Ashwagandha has myriad of additional benefits:

  • Women’s Health
    • Helps support a healthy response to common conditions associated with menopause
    • Supports a normal healthy attitude during the menstrual cycle
    • Helps diminish normal symptoms of PS

Sexual Performance

  • Helps arouse sexual desire
  • Enhances sexual function
  • Helps the body maintain healthy levels of free testosterone in men
  • Helps maintain sexual vigor and performance

Memory and Cognition

  • Helps improve learning performance and concentration
  • Helps enhance mental focus and sharpness
  • Helps promote menta clarity, concentration and alertness