Sky Nutritionals™ Krill Oil

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  • Improves joint health*
  • Promotes healthy cholesterol levels*
  • Increases HDL, decreases LDL*
  • Promotes healthier blood vessels with lower lipid content*
  • Helps reduce risk of plaque buildup in blood vessels*
  • Aids in reduction of high triglyceride levels*
  • Demonstrates relief from depression*
  • Helps persons with high blood pressure*
  • Aids in brain health with increased learning, concentration and memory*
  • More cardio-protective than fish oil*
  • Higher rate of absorption and bioavailability than fish oil*
  • Decreases bodily inflammation*
  • Promotes overall well-being*
  • Shown to reduce symptoms of osteoarthritis*

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Krill Oil contains the similar fatty acids to the common supplement, Fish Oil, but with one major exception. A large portion of EPA (eicosapentaenoic acid) and DHA (docosahexanoic acid) come in the form of a phospholipid. A phospholipid has a phosphate group on the end of the krill fatty acid. This makes Krill Oil superior in its ability to be absorbed by the body. Thus, optimal effects can be seen with a lower dose than Fish Oil.

Sky Nutritionals only uses high quality Neptune Krill Oil (NKO).  Neptune Krill provides:

  • Superior DHA and EPA levels
  • Up to 7 times more of the powerful antioxidant, astaxanthin than other krill oils
  • Less than 0.001% solvent residue, compared to 3% solvent residue in other krill products
  • Mild aroma and natural bright red color
  • Omega-3 attached to phospholipids, which are 2.5 times better absorbed than fish oil
  • Easy to digest, with no reflux or aftertaste
  • Naturally occurring vitamins A and E
  • Alcohol-free extraction process

Sky Nutritionals believes in the environment and sustainability. That is why our Krill Oil is in compliance with the Commission for the Conservation of Antarctic Marine Living Resources (CCAMLP). Neptune Krill Oil has earned the Friends of the Sea certificate for sustainable krill harvesting.

Krill Oil has been shown in numerous studies to be beneficial to your heart and circulatory system.* It has incredible broad-reaching benefits.* Studies have shown that it decreases the ‘bad’ LDL cholesterol while increase the ‘good’ cholesterol.* Its cholesterol correcting effects have particularly remarkable results in hyperlipidemics.* Sky Nutritionals Krill Oil has also demonstrated decrease in over blood triglycerides.*

Krill Oil has demonstrated its ability to help with the mind.* In many studies, it has been shown to reduce depression in majorly depressed persons.* Not only that does it have benefits for depressed persons but it increases subjective well-being in non-depressed person.*

Krill Oil helps many aspects of joint health.* It has been shown to decrease symptoms of morning stiffness, general joint pain and help tender or swollen joints.* Some studies have shown an increase in blood flow during exercise.* In one clinical study, 500mg of Krill Oil has reduced symptoms of osteoarthritis by up to 30%!*