Sky Nutritionals™ Rhodiola

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  • Decrease fatigue*
  • Increase cognition*
  • Overall well-being*
  • Fights stress and depression*
  • Improve athletic endurance*

Rhodiola (Rhodiola rosea) has a vast array of benefits- both physical and mental. It is also known as both Golden root and Artic root. It has been used for centuries in Asia, Russia and the Scandinavian countries. It is used for stamina in physically demanding work and exercise. In some countries, it is used to increase concentration and boost capacity for mental work.

Rhodiola has many benefits for mental well-being. It is often taken to help fight the ‘stress of modern life’ by combating fatigue, low energy, difficulty in concentration and mild depression. Its wide ranging positive effects on mental health have labeled it as an Adaptogen. Adaptogens are psychological and physiological stabilizers and thus have benefits of rounding out mental states and decreasing cellular sensitivity to stress.

Rhodiola also has many positive benefits for physical health, particularly for sports and exercise. There are numerable studies that demonstrates its effectiveness in:

  1. Improved oxygen utilization during exercise
  2. Decrease inflammation from exercise
  3. Increases endurance and performance
  4. Increases anabolic threshold